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What is silicone?

Silicon is the material of construction consists of a series of chemical bonds dimethyl silixane. Based on a series of silicon have different viscosity and hardness along. Therefore, we will find that the liquid form of silicon, viscous, gel-like, such as rubber, solid hard on hard soft. Silicone rubber instead of silicon rubber as well, but this just seems like rubber.

Inert silicon.

Very little silicon can react with other chemicals, because they are relatively inert. Well outside the body or in the body chemically can not be divided or converted into other molecular form

Worried About Skin Rolls

Many women are uncomfortable wearing form-fitting clothes, for the reason that the skin either higher than or beneath the bra line creates rolls disparaging from the aesthetics of the female back. Unfortunately this can occur by a few age. Spanx possibly will rawhide the quandary, but who wants to wear packed undergarments for the duration of cheerful weather months?

Nose Job Before and After

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5 Facts About The Most Horrible Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular day by day. If the first of many women who are shaking their heads in fear of the pain of cosmetic surgery, this time from the women no longer cares about the pain, and the emergence of important more visually appealing. Yes, I have become the daily diet, cosmetic surgery, often as if you wear lipstick every morning. Korean Wave phenomenon makes a lot of people see for themselves how plastic surgery makes a person to be perfect and beautiful.

Are You Know Cosmetic surgery Costs Update?

Cosmetic surgery costs. For those of you who will perform cosmetic surgery, you should know about the amount of the costs must be spent to perform cosmetic surgery. Here we must give some of the costs of cosmetic surgery in different countries. Here are some of the plastic surgery price list in different countries in the world.

South Korea

It is no doubt that Korea is the beauty of the largest and lowest surgery among different countries other ang. Nearly 76% of women in Korea who are between the ages of 20-30 years to do cosmetic surgery.